An Introduction to My Brain

At this time I consider it my duty to inform you of what this is. Well, it’s a blog, clearly. I hope you know that much. If not, I must say I have some mild concerns for you.

What I mean to say is, I would like to take this time to inform you of what sort of blog this is. In other words I would like to give you a taste of my intentions for the future of this site. Or, in other words, I would like to provide you a glimpse of my brain.

I feel I must warn you my brain is sometimes shy and refuses to show itself. Please understand that it is for this reason that I often may appear brainless, and not because I am, in reality, a stupid person.

But on this occasion I believe my brain wouldn’t mind making an appearance and so, without further ado-

What’s that?


I’m sorry. My brain seems to have vacated the premises for the present and, consequently, will not be making an appearance.

By way of consolation I will leave you with this:


“Tra-la-la spring is in the air. And I’m a flower. With nothing interesting to say.”                 -Slim, A Bug’s Life

Note: I was going to set the featured image as a picture of a brain as I thought it would be fitting. After some reflection I came to the realization that brains are somewhat disturbing to look at. After all, there is a reason they are usually kept inside the head of the owner.

Instead I attempted to think of a good synonym for ‘my brain’ and, after great thought, I finally did a google images search for ‘chaos’.

If you would prefer to look at a an actual human brain I suggest you go into the medical profession.



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