7 Things That Don’t Make Sense in the Harry Potter Movies

So begins a brand new year! A year full of opportunity and potential! A year that allows us to leave behind the mistakes and misfortunes of the past and look to the future!

I could write a post all about the new year ahead of us, reflecting on the past and all that.

Or I could just tell you all the things that are wrong with the Harry Potter movies. Actually, not all. That could take a very long time. And I don’t mean things that they RUINED in the translation from book to screen. That could be a whole other post. (Maybe it will be sometime.) But here I’ll stick with actual inconsistencies. Here are 7 Things That Don’t Make Sense in the Harry Potter Movies.

1. “You have your Mother’s eyes.”



No. He doesn’t.

But WHY? Couldn’t they just use colored contacts? Couldn’t they cast a different Lily? No offense to the actress who plays her, but it wasn’t one of those “Oh my goodness they cast the PERFECT Lily! I can’t even IMAGINE anyone else playing the part.” She’s not really in it that much. Just cast someone with the proper eye color. Because it’s kind of awkward when EVERYONE says “You look just like your father and you have your mother’s eyes” when, in reality… he doesn’t. Oh, and speaking of James-


“You look just like your father. JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER. With your MESSY BLACK HAIR.”

Do you really mean to tell me they couldn’t afford a bottle of hair dye for this movie? Or just cast a different James? I mean- seriously. He has LIGHT BROWN HAIR. And his HAIRCUT.

2. Lucius Almost Killing Harry in Chamber of Secrets


Just a little tip: If you don’t want the world to know that you’re secretly still a supporter of Voldemort, don’t COMPLETELY give yourself away by trying to DEATH-CURSE Harry RIGHT OUTSIDE Dumbledore’s office.

It’s just not very smart.

3. Harry Using Magic in Prisoner of Azkaban


You know that part in the beginning where he’s reading in bed and USING HIS WAND AS A FLASHLIGHT? You know how underage wizards ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MAGIC OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL? In Order of the Phoenix he gets EXPELLED for this reason. So answer me this: why on earth was he using his wand as a flashlight and how on earth did he get away with it? If you really need to read in bed there’s this nifty invention called a FLASHLIGHT which you can use without breaking any wizarding laws and risking getting expelled. Just so you know for future reference.

4. Harry’s Use of the Invisibility Cloak in Hogsmeade


You know, the whole point of an invisibility cloak is to avoid notice. So you probably don’t want to draw attention to yourself…


You think a lollipop just FLOATING BY isn’t going to draw attention?

Besides, stealing a lollipop is just mean. Especially from NEVILLE.

Shame on you, Harry.

5. The Attack at the Quidditch World Cup


So, the Death Eaters are attacking and everyone’s fleeing in panic. Harry trips, gets kicked in the head and knocked out. He wakes up to find everything around him completely desolated and burnt to a crisp, yet he himself is ENTIRELY UNSCATHED.

Someone please explain to me how that happened.

6. The First Task of the Triwizard Tournament


This whole chase scene just so obviously screams “EXTRANEOUS MOVIE ACTION SEQUENCE!”

Who on earth was in charge of chaining up the Hungarian Horntail? Which idiot decided to use that flimsy piece of chain? Don’t tell me they don’t have something stronger and more dragon proof. These people are supposed to be trained professionals in handling dragons. And what about all the people watching?

“Oh no! The dragon just broke free! It’s chasing Harry out of sight! Whatever shall we do?!”

Just sit there and wait for them to come back. Brilliant.

7. “Remus, your son-“


I can never forgive them for not mentioning Teddy before. I can never forgive them for cutting any scenes that have to do with Lupin. But all that aside, it just doesn’t make sense.

That scene where Harry uses the resurrection stone should make me want to cry, but instead I’m just so distracted by the fact that people who haven’t read the books must be thinking: “Son? What son? When did Remus have a son?”

How in the world does Harry know?!

“Oh, well Lupin must have told him and it just didn’t show it.”

Firstly: That’s not the kind of scene you can just not show. Secondly: When would he have a chance to tell him? Harry’s off hunting horcruxes and then he gets back and they’re fighting a battle and there’s never really time for that conversation to take place. And then suddenly “But Remus, your SON-”

If you understand why all these things really do make sense, please tell me.



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