A Few of the Best Brothers in Fiction

I’m sure you were all beginning to fear (or, in some cases, hope) that I had been devoured by a giant squid or trampled by a herd of ostriches. But here I am again. And today we will be covering the topic of fictional brotherhood.

There’s something about brothers that makes me want to love them. Not to say that the mere fact that someone is a brother will instantly make them my favorite character… but the mere fact that someone is a brother CAN instantly move them up several notches in my affections. (Ha ha, like I have NOTCHES in my brain. ‘Cause my feelings are SO organized.)

Here are some of the brothers whom I have loved without knowing how much of that affection is due to their brotherly status.


1. Hiro and Tadashi, Big Hero 6


Sure this movie had superheroes and explosions and Baymax and Fred. But it was REALLY about these two brothers and their relationship.

And there’s so much fan-art of Hiro being young and adorable (well, more young and adorable).




2. The Weasley Brothers, Harry Potter


And I mean ALL of them. Fred and George goes without saying. Who doesn’t love Fred and George? BUT PERCY. Percy is THE BEST. And of course I mean Percy in the book as he is sadly nonexistent in most of the movies. I just love it because he’s so pompous and proud and all that- but when he freaks out in The Goblet of Fire during the second task and runs into the water when Ron surfaces- Or in The Deathly Hallows when he COMES BACK TO HIS FAMILY. And when- THAT TERRIBLE AWFUL THING happens, which I can’t even bring myself to SPEAK OF- Percy’s reaction makes me CRY MY EYES OUT (not literally, but you get the idea).

But, as I said, he’s sadly absent in most of the movies. But there is THIS.


There he is. With the hair and the face.


3. Newt Scamander and… his brother, Fantastic Beasts

“No. This is his little brother.”

So this actually has absolutely no place on this list since Newt’s brother isn’t even IN the movie. Seriously the mention him in ONE LINE. And I’m instantly like, “NEWT IS A LITTLE BROTHER?!? I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE.” I just realized the other day the reason I freaked out about it so much* was because it reminded me of another pair of brothers… which I’ll get to in a minute.

And, by the way, according to IMDB Newt’s brother is going to be in the sequel. So yes, I’m slightly excited (by which I mean I might have actually screamed just a little when I found out). He just better live up to my expectations.


*Not that I freaked out THAT much. My internet self is a lot more explosive than my self that sits on the couch and says (not aloud of course): “Awww, he’s a little brother.” There wasn’t any actual screaming or cannon firing involved.


4. Sherlock and Mycroft, Sherlock


I don’t know why they’re so fantastic, but they are. Mycroft can be so controlling and heartless and cold and YET for some reason I’m convinced he’s really just some kind of teddy bear underneath. He really does care about his little brother. I mean sure- he keeps surveillance on him and calls him stupid and he told him stories about how the east wind was coming to get him when they were children to freak him out so he could monitor his brain and his memory- but he really does care. I mean- the panic in his voice at the end of “His Last Vow” when he says “Do not fire on Sherlock Holmes!” and his face when he says “Oh, Sherlock. What have you done?” Or when he tries to make it easier for Sherlock to kill him. So yes. He cares. Even if he doesn’t always hardly ever shows it.



5. Boromir and Faramir, The Lord of the Rings



Boromir, best loved by his father and everyone else, could have been a really arrogant jerk who just thought he was so amazing and didn’t care about his little brother. NOT SO. He and Faramir are so close. After all, who do you think took care of Faramir when their mother died (He was FIVE by the way. [You learn these kinds of things when your sister is a diehard Tolkien fan who reads all the appendices])? You can bet it wasn’t their dear father Denethor.


Don’t we all just love Denethor?

But seriously- Boromir is practically the only family Faramir has. At least, the only family that cares whether he lives or dies.


Look at him stickin’ up for his little bro.


I would honestly read a whole book about their childhood. Multiple books in fact.

Oh, and by the way, these are the brothers I so mysteriously alluded to when discussing the Scamander brothers.  I mean, lets look at this: Older brother war hero who everyone praises. Little brother who is quieter and more tenderhearted. Sound familiar?

So yeah. As long as they make the Scamander brothers’ relationship even half of what Boromir and Faramir’s is, I will be content.




9 responses to “A Few of the Best Brothers in Fiction”

  1. OMGGG I LOVE BROTHER BOOKS TOO!! Some of my favourite characters are brother duos. ❤ Specifically Rhy and Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic though. ❤️ But I have SO much love for the Weasley brothers!! And Sherlock/Mycroft. And omggg I want to know everything about Newt's brother immediately?! He is such a dorky gangly precious cinnamon roll, I hope his brother is lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hOW did I not know that Mycroft and Sherlock were brothers?? Am I really that in the dark?? *chuckles nervously* don’t… don’t answer that.


    • Well… Have you read any Sherlock Holmes? Or watched any movie versions or TV shows? If not, I think it is perfectly natural to not know such a thing. It’s not something people usually go about shouting aloud in the street. Though perhaps I should take to doing just that for the benefit of people such as yourself. I’ll just stop in the middle of the crosswalk and shout, “SHERLOCK AND MYCROFT ARE BROTHERS, EVERYONE. YOU’RE WELCOME.” And calmly continue on my way.


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