Reminiscences of 2017- Certainly not a recap post

I was just thinking about the past the other day, taking a little stroll down memory lane, remembering all the things I did back in the year 2017. Do you recall the year of which I speak?

I know what you’re thinking. “Ah, I see,” you’re saying to yourself. “She was too lazy to do a yearly recap post at the end of the year like a normal person, so now she’s doing it LATE.”

To that I say HA! And no. I am not writing a late recap post.

I am simply reminiscing about the dear old days gone by. That is all. I was just thinking about some of the things I did that far, distant year and thought I would share them with you.


Note: I am allergic to the whole concept of choosing a single favorite. My symptoms include increased heart rate, hyperventilating, running in the opposite direction, and strangled screaming. But here are SOME favorites PLURAL, in no particular order, that I read in 2017:

Conclusion? Everyone needs hugs.




This was quite a good year for writing. I actually FINISHED the first draft of a book. A very short book, mind you, but a book nonetheless.

It’s about chess and sandwiches and Beach Boys and it needs severe editing, but I still manage to love it.

And then I wrote ANOTHER book. And a SECOND DRAFT.

In case you’re wondering what it’s about, I will tell you it is saved on my computer as “Untitled story about kid with issues (Ha ha. That is basically EVERY STORY I’VE EVER WRITTEN)”. So now I’m sure everything is clear to you.

Other Things

At first I titled this section “Life,” but then I realized that was a silly thing to call it because books and music are writing are life and I’ve already covered those.

So what else did I do?

I went to NYC which was CRAZY. I got to see my sister’s choir sing at Carnegie hall AND I got to see BROADWAY SHOWS. My Playbills are my most prized possessions.



But was my theater-viewing over for the year? No indeed! After that I went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and got to see Beauty and the Beast, which is not Shakespeare (as my sister keeps pointing out), but is one of my favorite musicals. I also got to see Henry IV part one, which is Shakespeare and which I thought was going to be incredibly boring. BUT IT WAS AMAZING. I had withdrawals for the next two weeks.


(I’m guessing you can tell which pictures are from which show)

Did I do anything else in 2017??

It’s so long ago I can’t even remember.

Thus I shall conclude my reminiscing.


Do you recall that long past year 2017, or is it beyond memory? Did you have a favorite book, or are you as allergic to picking a favorite as I am? Have you ever been to NYC or OSF? Are you shocked that I actually did other things besides reading and writing (because I am)?


11 responses to “Reminiscences of 2017- Certainly not a recap post”

  1. Haha, 2017 hasn’t disappeared into the background yet for me. The numbers still come out accidentally when I’m writing the date.
    Oof, favorite book?? If I absolutely had to choose, my favorite book of last year would be City of Stairs, but there would be so many close runner-ups: The Help, Shoe Dog, The Lies of Locke Lamora, The Miracle of St. Anthony, Booked, A Darker Shade of Magic. Aah, that’s a bunch!
    I’ve been to New York and watched the Lion King on Broadway, but I’ve never been to OSF. It sounds so fun!

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    • I must confess, I too still write the date as “2017” accidentally. 🙂
      I haven’t read any of those books, but I’ve seen the movie of The Help and I really should read the book. And I’ve heard a lot about A Darker Shade of Magic, especially Kell’s coat. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like a marvelous coat.
      And huzzah for Broadway! I haven’t seen the Lion King, but I’ve heard it’s amazing. Maybe someday 🙂

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      • Ah yes, the movie The Help is something I want to watch! Is it any good? Haha, I guess Kell’s coat is a bit famous then. It is definitely an amazing coat.
        I actually don’t remember being awed by the Lion King. I think it was because we were too far away to really see what was going on. My dad wasn’t too excited either. He slept through most of it, but he clapped during the moments the curtain fell to make it seem like he was paying attention.

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      • Oooh okay, I’m adding The Help to my to be watched list!
        Haha yea, I didn’t really like the movie either, but it might need a rewatch. I didn’t like Monsters Inc. very much the first time but like it a lot more the second time, so maybe that will happen again!

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  2. I haven’t read any of the books you listed, but I did just read 13 Reasons Why, which seems like it might maybe fit in with the overall theme of them?? (…pain. And people needing hugs.)

    (There’s some things covered which are ick… but I guess that’s the point. None of it is glorified, anyway.)

    And WOW I wish I could go to Broadway! Sounds amazing. 🙂

    Also, Magneto, I tagged you for the Rising Author Tag right here!

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    • So many people in books need hugs, which is terribly inconvenient because you CAN’T HUG THEM.
      And yes, Broadway is amazing. I would send you plain tickets and show tickets, but I have no money.
      A tag you say? *dons my special metal helmet* I will do my best to get to that soon!


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