10 of the Best Guys in the Chair- because aren’t the sidekicks always more interesting?

I apologize for my lengthy absence and any anxieties it may have caused. I appreciate the search parties many of you sent out and the funerals you held for me, but I am here to tell you, I am not dead! The fact is, I forgot to set my alarm and I slept in a couple months later than I meant to.

And now, on the post!

It is common practice when saving a city, planning a heist, or going on a picnic, to assemble a team of sorts. These teams usually include various sorts of people of various abilities. Often the leader is someone who possesses athletic prowess or copious amounts of money. Often times there’s someone who is somewhat expendable who can die (without destroying the plot) in order to ensure the safety of the city or simply because there aren’t enough sandwiches for everyone.

But in every really good team there is one person who is absolutely essential:


The Guy in the Chair, a title officially coined by Ned (pictured above), is the member of the team whose chief job is to ensure that their friends succeed and survive their mission. Usually this is done through the aid of technology which the Guy in the Chair may invent or simply use masterfully. The Guy in the Chair, while often lacking athletic prowess to match their friends’, is usually smarter and more interesting than the leader of their team.

For this post I have compiled a list of 10 of the best Guys in the Chair I have encountered in film and television.


1. Riley Poole from National Treasure

d09d9dbc8eb19401878c95691260d9a6--justin-bartha.jpgRiley is easily the best character in this movie. Yes, Ben knows more about history (most of the time). And yes, Ben is the one who makes most of the plans. But he couldn’t execute those plans without Riley there to hack security cameras and point laser pointers and commentate through the headset.


2. Minion from Megamind

1754b84cb29d379a70b2159d8b269b73--megamind-just-do-it.jpgMinion is loyal both as an evil sidekick and as a friend. He helps engineer, not only technology, but also majestic and frightening capes. Could you ask for a better henchman?

Also he makes this face:


How can you not love him?


3. Beetee from The Hunger Games Series


Beetee is great. He won the Hunger Games by using his brain (and… you know, electrocuting people). He makes exploding arrows for the Mockingjay. He hacks the capitals security system. He sends hidden broadcasts.

Yay, Beetee.


4. Felicity Smoak from The Flash


So firstly, yes, this is a Girl in the Chair.

And secondly, yes, Felicity is actually from Arrow, but I don’t watch Arrow so….

Also I don’t know WHY I watch The Flash, so there’s that too.

But anyway.

At first I thought Felicity was annoying. And now I don’t. What changed my mind? I really don’t know.Ā  She’s awkward and quirky and she reminds me of my little sister.


5. R2-D2 from Star Wars


So, yes, he’s a droid and he never sits in a chair. But he does spend a lot of time hacking computer systems and opening door and accessing codes for people. So… he counts, right??


6. Shuri from Black Panther


T’Challa’s great at fighting and being majestic, but did he make his suit? No indeed. Does he make his weapons? No indeed. All his tech is made by his genius little sister.

(I believe I’ve mentioned several times on this blog that I have weakness for siblings in books and movies. GIVE ME ALL THE SIBLING STORIES.)


7. Chekov from Star Trek (2009)

575666f22943094f13c4d3b94532a398I don’t know who is actually the ‘Guy in the Chair’ in Star Trek. I mean, they all sit in chairs and know how to operate technology. But I think Chekov and Scotty are the most Guy-in-the-Chair-ish. And… I just chose Chekov for this post.

Chekov is brilliant and wonderful and I love him dearly.


8. Benji from Mission Impossible 3, 4, and 5


It was a wondrous day for the Mission Impossible movies when Benji was introduced. We can only take so much of Ethan Hunt throwing himself off buildings and driving cars off cliffs. Sometimes we need a character who is a little less… invincible. Benji is a classic Guy in the Chair, always on the computer, communicating with his team through the headset, etc. Not only is he hilarious but, because he’s not invincible like Ethan, when he’s in trouble you actually worry about him.


9. Cisco from The Flash


Earlier in this post I said I didn’t know why I watched The Flash. Well, actually I do know why. Cisco is why.

Cisco is snarky and hilarious and frequently quotes movies (which I find very relatable). He can also be emotional and in need of a hug. He can also be sweet and recognize when someone else needs a hug. (Sidenote:Cisco is basically a brother to Caitlin, which of course brings me great joy because siblings.)


He’s a genius (which is also totally relatable) and he makes all the tech and does smart stuff on the computer. Even though everyone in the show thinks Barry is the most amazing person ever, Barry relies heavily on his team to help him save the city. If it weren’t for Cisco, Central City would be doomed.

(Also if it weren’t for Cisco, I wouldn’t even watch this show because Barry annoys me to no end.)


10. Alfred from The Dark Knight Trilogy


So, technically Alfred’s official title is Butler, not Guy in the Chair, but……

He’s a guy. He sits in a chair sometimes. He helps Bruce with Batmanny stuff. He basically fulfills the role of the Guy in the Chair (along with Lucius Fox who is also awesome).

Alfred is, in my humble opinion, the greatest character in the whole trilogy. After the Wayne parents die when Bruce is only a wee child, Alfred basically raises him. He watches Bruce go through a lot of hard times in his life, wanting to avenge his parents to the point of almost murdering someone, running away, etc. Then Bruce wants to do this crazy thing where he dresses up as a bat and runs around the city in the middle of the night fighting criminals and Alfred is still there to support him.


Alfred is a blessing to us all.


Who are some of your favorite Guys (or Girls, or Droids, or Fish) in the Chair? Do you usually find action/superheroes more interesting, or their Person/People in the chair? Is R2-D2 the greatest droid in Star Wars history? Is Alfred the most wonderful butler on the planet? Do tell!




17 responses to “10 of the Best Guys in the Chair- because aren’t the sidekicks always more interesting?”

  1. I LOVE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH. I WILL INVITE THEM ON A PICNIC. And I will make sure to bring a sufficient number of sandwiches so no one has to die.
    This is fantastic! These tech-folk deserve much appreciation. Alfred, Cisco, Riley, R2… I can’t even pick a highlight because the WHOLE THING is a highlight in my life. I guess I can say that your description of Alfred brought me particular joy. Of course he is the greatest butler on the planet (and on any other planet) and R2-D2 is the greatest droid of all time, hands down.
    Awesome post, I am thrilled that you are back in the blogging world!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HA, I love your opening paragraph. This is a great list! Why have I not heard of the phrase “guy in chair” until now?? I obviously need to watch Spiderman ASAP (well, more like ASAPWSINATS- as soon as possible when soon is not actually that soon, because I have like seven more to watch before that one.) I also need to watch Black Panther (but I do know who Shuri is from Infinity War!) and the Flash.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg I didn’t even realise how much I love this character type until now???! I’M HAVING EMOTIONS. I FREAKING LOVE ALFRED. And Ned. šŸ’• And Riley!! Ahhhh I have watched National Treasure an unholy amount of times and I freaking love Riley. Also Minion and Chekov yessss. I’m trying to think of others I like but honestly I think you’ve picked out the bests.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aren’t they all wonderful???!! Alfred is AMAZING BEYOND WORDS. Ah, yes, the frequent National Treasure watching has long been a tradition in my family as well. Riley lines are a part of every day conversation among my sisters and me. šŸ™‚
      Thanks for commenting!


  4. ALFRED!!!! Alfred is the best šŸ˜€ I love Alfred. And Cisco and Riley too. I haven’t seen Black Panther yet, but I’m betting I’ll adore Shuri (Yes for siblings!!! Having so many siblings of my own, I find the immense amount of only children in fiction and media quite astounding. How do they cope without brothers to tease and sisters to annoy??)
    Anyway, yes to the geeky clever ones. I love them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you share my views on Alfred (but then, how could you not???)!
      There are indeed an alarming number of only children in fiction, and it is a mystery to me how they manage to survive. I would be quite lost without my own siblings šŸ™‚
      Thanks for commenting!

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