2018 Recap-Because I actually survived 2018? What?!


As some of you may have noticed, right around the time the school semester started, I disappeared.


I think it’s high time I filled you in on what has been happening in my life what books I have been reading.

2018 went away quite suddenly and left me standing, dazed and confused, on the edge of 2019. (Help.) Here’s a bit of a recap of that runaway year.


A few of the best I read this year, in no particular order:


I wrote quite a lot this year.

Projects included:

  • A book about a skinny, beardless, extremely anxious Santa Claus. (Started in 2017. Finished in 2018)
  • A short story comprised of emails between a self- proclaimed anti-solipsist and a boy named Jelly.
  • A one-act play about a baker and a hologram.
  • A book about a polite psycho who enjoys Shakespeare (and torturing children). (Camp NaNoWriMo)

All first drafts of course. Maybe I will edit some of them this year? *sweating* *hyperventilating*

Maybe I will share more about some of them in a later post? Maybe there will be snippets?

Maybe I will hide under a bush?


This year I had the amazing opportunity to fulfill one of my all-time dream roles: I was in NEWSIES. And I played a NEWSIE.

I’m still kind of amazed actually.

I never thought I would be able to play a Newsie, but anyone who has been involved in community theater knows that guys who can sing and dance are hard to come by. Thus, some of the newsies were cast as girls. Thus, years of ballet paid off in an extremely rewarding way.

SO MUCH DANCING. So exhausting but SO WORTH IT.

As far as the audience side of things, I got to see several filmed shows this year:

An American In Paris


Gershwin songs + gorgeous design + amazing choreography + so many lovable characters (*cough* *cough* Adam). How can I not love it??

Sweeney Todd in Concert (2001)


This show is… really dark. But I really like a lot of the music. And Count Olaf as the sweet innocent child was strangely endearing.




The music is FANTASTIC and the acting is AMAZING and the story just SMASHES YOUR HEART in the best possible way.

I’m not obsessed at ALL.

The entire cast was brilliant. They were acting and singing and dancing and PLAYING INSTRUMENTS?? Laura Osnes was AMAZING as Julia. Her voice was so powerful and her acting?? And Corey Cott???

tumblr_pie0aibynW1w219lro2_500.gifFor several days after we saw it, my little sister and I couldn’t stop freaking out about “Corey Cott on the floor shaking and crying”. His performance was SO FREAKIN’ AMAZING.

Please put this show on Netflix. On Amazon. I will rent it. I will buy it. Just let me see it again.

I also saw Les Miserables live on tour. It was a little disappointing (especially because tickets are SO EXPENSIVE). But Joshua Grosso was THE BEST MARIUS EVER. And I don’t even usually care about Marius?? But he was my favorite.

There was this one part where his microphone was turned down and he was crying, but we were sitting close enough that I could hear it acoustically and it was so heartbreaking.


Other randomness

  • My cousin had a BABY. Whenever I’m in the same room with him I may or may not completely ignore everyone else and just stare at him and squawk every time he moves. My completely unbiased opinion is that he is the most adorable baby ever.
  • I discovered several new favorite songs! Including Bridges Burn by Needtobreathe, Always Gold by Radical Face, and Three Ravens by Libera.
  • I wrote a paper on Paradise Lost for a British lit class. What fun.
  • I blogged SO MUCH.
  • HA.

How was your year? Did you discover any amazing books? Have you read any of these? Is it just me, or did 2019 arrive quite suddenly? Do tell!


17 responses to “2018 Recap-Because I actually survived 2018? What?!”

  1. Welcome back, and happy 2019! It looks like you read a lot of good books this year and did a lot of fun stuff, too. πŸ™‚

    I agree with all your mini captions, at least for the books I’ve read?? ATPN tore my heart, as did Orbiting Jupiter (which tore my heart more than ATPN, actually). The Outsiders is a gem, and so is Because You’ll Never Meet Me!

    I WOULD LOVE SNIPPETS OF YOUR WRITING. But only if you’re comfortable sharing, of course. ❀

    Ahh, that's so cool you got to play a Newsie! Also, "Count Olaf as the sweet innocent child was strangely endearing" is the best sentence I have read in quite some time. Have you watched the new season of ASOUE on Netflix yet?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YES I’m so excited that Howl’s Moving Castle made it onto your list! Oh my goodness, your book and play descriptions sound great- snippets, please. That is amazing that you got to be a Newsie! My sister actually had a baby in November! Yes, I completely agree with you on simply just watching her- except in my unbiased opinion, my niece is the cutest baby in the world. :)) I added those songs to my to be listened to list! And I read Paradise Lost for school too. It was very interesting- and a bit uncomfortable too, especially with how it made me feel bad for Satan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howl’s Moving Castle is quite fantastic. (Thanks so much for recommending it!!!) Aw, you have a baby relative to stare at too? That’s so awesome πŸ™‚ (Of course, my cousin’s baby is cuter, but I’ll let that pass…) Paradise Lost is indeed uncomfortable at times. Sometimes it was hard to tell what the author meant by certain things and whether or not I agreed with him. But it was interesting……and very very long.
      Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome!!! Thank you for reading it! :)) Hahaha, I think we’ll have to let that disagreement go. We didn’t read all of Paradise Lost, we skipped some chapters which I am very okay with. When you were reading it, did somebody point out to you how at one part, the first letters of the lines spell out Satan, and how when he first talks to Eve, there’s a lot of sssss sounds? You’re welcome!

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  3. OH MY GOSH YOU ARE SO LUCKY I AM JEALOUS! Newsies is so amazing and I love it! And wayyyyyyy better than anything the local theatre groups here have ever put on :\ (I’m still sort of bitter I spent six months rehearsing for a play I didn’t even LIKE, and I didn’t even have a single line or solo.)(Newsies though… THAT would have been worth all those rehearsals, even if it was just a small role.)

    And ahghhgffhhjg I love Shades of Magic and I’m so happy you liked it!!! (I feel like we might have talked about this already. But also I’m going to say it again anyways lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    • YESSS I was so fortunate to get the chance to be in Newsies!!! I have been in several shows where I don’t particularly love the show itself, but it was awesome to be in a show that’s one of my favorites!
      And Shades of Magic! The banter between Kell and Rhy gives me such joy πŸ™‚

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  4. You are back!! I am so glad you enjoyed this year and hope 2019 works great as well. Just a few weeks ago, I saw Sweeney Todd and I was shocked. I can’t imagine Barney (I mean Neil) on it at all.

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  5. Hopefully you’ll be back full time soon! I loved The Outsiders and definitely want to read A Thousand Perfect Notes soon. And quite enjoyed A Darker Shade of Magic as well πŸ™‚

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