A Bookish Questions tag–feat. plans for when I’m a little old granny

Hello, friends! I have been tagged by the lovely Evelyn @ The Rain-drenched Writer to answer some book-related questions (created by Madison). An excuse to talk about books? This is my JAM.

You can read Evelyn’s post here (and you SHOULD because there are GOREGOUS pictures of LIBRARIES).

Let’s get to the questions, shall we?

1. What books or series that intimidates you (because of length, density, subject) would feel like an accomplishment to finish?

*glances at paperback brick that has been watching me from the shadows for ten years*


Someday I am going to read Les Miserables. I don’t know when that day will be. I am intimidated by the length, the large sections devoted to discussing the Napoleonic wars, and…the length.

It’s long, folks. I’m scared.

2. What author would you like to coauthor a book with?

I’m just going to come right out and say I have no idea how coauthoring a book works? It sounds terrifying?? But let’s just say this is an ideal world where I would actually be able to work with this author without turning into an awkward, inarticulate, inspiration-less blob.

…And I still don’t know who I would choose.

My impulse is to say Kate DiCamillo because a) I love her books, and b) I sometimes write in a similar style. So maybe it could work??

3. If you could interview any author on your blog, who would it be? What’s one question you would ask?

I know there’s a better answer to this, but my first impulse is to say I would interview Gary D. Schmidt and my question would be (regarding the first couple pages of Just Like That) “WHY DID YOU DO THAT? WHEN DID YOU DECIDE THIS?? HOW LONG HAVE YOU KNOWN YOU WERE GOING TO DO THIS TO US??? WAS THIS REALLY NECESSARY????”

…I guess that’s more than one question, oops.

4. What genre is out of your comfort zone that you’d like to conquer someday and write within?

Maybe the genre I’m trying to write right now?

*muffled screaming*

This isn’t exactly a specific genre, but something with semi-serious world-building (probably sci-fi or fantasy). I have done so little world-building and HOW does one go about this??

I also think it would be fun to write a book in Victorian style–something Charles Dickens-esque with tons of characters and drama and wit and general gallivanting around Victorian England.

5. What specific edition of a book would you like to own someday? (It could be rare, first edition, an anniversary edition, signed, or one with a special cover to you, etc.)

I would like a copy of the Sherwood Ring with a really excellent cover.

Unfortunately, I don’t think such a thing exists. Have you SEEN the covers?

This one was the first one I saw. And I didn’t like it.

*The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Pope - Redeemed Reader


And I am DYING.

Suddenly the first one doesn’t look half bad. But REALLY now, this book is so excellent it deserves a really excellent cover.

6. Are there any books or bookish items that you’d like to collect?

By the time I’m a little old granny I hope to have collected the complete works of Charles Dickens in mismatched hard covers from the early 1900s.

*begins aggressively scouring thrift stores and book sales*

(I also hope to have read the complete works of Dickens by the time I’m a little old granny)

7. Name one bookish place you’d like to visit. (Not somewhere you’d like to visit because of a book and not a fiction place within a book, but a library, bookstore, etc.)

I can’t think of anywhere specific… But yes, I would love to visit all the libraries and bookstores, please.

Oh! Someday I need to visit a library with one of those ladders on wheels. This is important.

8. What’s one bookish event you’d like to attend? (A festival, a signing, a book fair, etc.)

I don’t know exactly what a ‘book festival’ or a ‘book fair’ would be, but they sound promising? Would there be book-themed foods and people dressed up as book characters and books handed out like balloons? Because I would like to go there, please.

9. Your WIP is getting published and designing the cover is solely up to you. What does it look like?

…which one?

The only one I’ve really thought about is The Entertainers. I picture a silhouette (or at least shadowy) picture of a hand/hands resting on piano keys, and there are strings running from the fingers up to the top of the cover (like marionette strings).

Ooh, The Chess Cafe could be a chess board, but instead of chess pieces there are small people sitting and standing around.

Four Princes (Three of Whom are Dead) would definitely just be a picture of the cat. Because clearly. (Ok, or maybe something like a bunch of distorted reflections in a crown?)

10. What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish within the bookish world? (As a writer, reader, blogger, whatever you want.)

I want to write the kind of book that makes people think. The kind of book that they nicely throw at their friends to read so they can all talk about it together. The kind of book that people want to reread because it’s just as good the second and third and tenth time you read it.

I want to write books that deal with heavy subject matter–books that can be totally heartbreaking, but leave you with a sense of hope in the end.

Hopefully, by the time I’m a little old granny, I’ll have written several such books.

Do you have any burning questions you would like to ask an author? Does co-authoring a book sound anxiety-inducing, or is that just me? What would the cover of you WIP look like if you could design it? Are you as traumatized by The Sherwood Ring covers as I am? Do tell!

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19 responses to “A Bookish Questions tag–feat. plans for when I’m a little old granny”

  1. There’s a bookstore that I often go to that has rolling ladders! They’re staff only though, so ever since I was little I’ve wanted to work there; partially for the books, and partially for the ladders. This year I’ll be old enough to work there, and I plan to climb the ladders at least once a week >:)

    (Also this is super random, but I finished a podcast last night that I’d been procrastinating listening to the last episode for months, it was very worth it, are you proud of me)

    (Also also! I listened to some twenty one pilots songs finally, and they’re good! I’ve only listened to a few, but I like car radio and addict with a pen)

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    • YES YES work at the bookstore so you can climb the ladders! These are the kinds of things to consider when getting a job XD
      Yes, I AM proud of you, and glad it was worth it 🙂
      (Also proud of you for listening to twenty one pilots–aren’t they so good?? Addict with a Pen is my JAM.)

      Liked by 1 person

    i actually just read the Sherwood Ring last week (it had been on my tbr list from either you or Story Sponge and now I can’t remember xD) BUT HOW
    can a cover be so painful
    the third one concerns me greatly
    it also looks like she is in a 70s sci-fi tv series and gets captured by vampire aliens and it turns out her cousin runs a cult in the backyard and summoned the aliens with their ceremonies

    The fact that you called Les Mis The Brick off the bat makes me lil bookish heart so happy xD

    ALSO YES WHY GARY SCHMIMDT i just got that book from the library because as soon as I heard about it and read the summary I about died. Who thought a summary of a book could actually make one cry from overwhelming shock and sadness and anger??
    that there is writing talent

    Which Dickens books do you have left to read? From one this-old-granny-will-read-them-all-eventually to another.

    If you write a Dickens-esque novel I will buy ten at least. Consider this my preorder receipt. Also you should plan a book fair. I’d go!! XD

    Speaking of which I really really want to read your other books now XD
    Just fyi

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    • I am actually very disturbed by the last cover.
      Is she //supposed// to look like she’s about to vomit? Or attack me? And where’s the rest of her…?
      And the ghosts chilling on a balcony?

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    • AREN’T THEY TERRIFYING? Your description of what the third cover looks like is 100% accurate (I’m grinning so hard right now). [The Story Sponge and I were just talking yesterday about how we’ve made it our mission to get everyone to read the Sherwood Ring, we’ve probably both recommended it to you at least once XD]
      My sister bought a paperback of Pay Attention, Carter Jones and they had the first chapter of his next book in the back. And we were like, “Oh, cool! Gary D. Schmidt is coming out with a new book!” And then thirty seconds later I was ACTUALLY SOBBING. Not even exaggerating. Overwhelming shock and sadness and anger about sums it up. Just WHY have you DONE this????
      Hmm, off the top of my head, it’s easier to list the ones I’ve read than the ones I have left: I’ve read Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, A Christmas Carol, Our Mutual Friend, A Tale of Two Cities, Hard Times, Little Dorrit, and Great Expectations. Thankfully I have a fair bit of time to read the rest before I reach little old granny status 🙂
      Well, CLEARLY I need to write one now. (I hadn’t even realized how much I wanted to write this kind of book until I was writing this post XD)
      Thanks! Hopefully someday my books will be out in the world and I can throw them at you 🙂


  3. Question: would you ever coauthor a book with your sister. (Zero chance of turning into a blob from nerves xD)

    Worldbuilding is indeed intimidating and some writers’ creations are so impressive?? they make me feel like a potato. *weeps* (If you haven’t seen them, I do recommend Melissa Gravitis’s worldbuilding posts? she sparks some really interesting thoughts. https://melissagravitis.blogspot.com/search/label/world-building)

    And unfortunately I’m too terrified of those covers to have read The Sherwood Ring yet?? (isn’t it about Civil War history or something tho) AM I STILL WELCOME HERE xD

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    • I WOULD consider coauthoring with my sister actually. We’ve written story-shaped things together through letters from fictional characters before, which is always great fun. So maybe someday we could write a book-shaped thing using the same method??
      I too feel like a potato. Ooh, I must read these posts!!
      The covers are THE WORST. But don’t let them scare you away! [Right about now it’s dawning on me that showing people these terrifying covers is not a great way to encourage them to read it XD] It’s about the Revolutionary War, but there’s so much banter and such it’s not like “I’m reading HISTORY”.
      But even if you don’t read it, YOU ARE STILL WELCOME HERE FOREVER

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  4. Les Miserables is actually really, really good! I just had to read it for school, and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Because, honestly, the only really boring authorial interjection was the one on the Napoleonic wars, and it wasn’t even all that long. The one on the Parisian sewers was actually fascinating! So.

    Co-authoring with a published author would be completely terrifying! Although honestly, I would kind of love to co-author something with Nadine Brandes. She seems like such a lovely person, and I just have a feeling that we’d work well together. (I actually have recurring dreams where I get to hang out with her because I’m babysitting her children. And I always wake up really, really sad. XD)

    I’m really looking forward to reading The Sherwood Ring, but gosh, those covers is appalling. XD Especially considering the beauty that is The Perilous Gard! (Which I just read. And loved. Obsessively. And will be reviewing later this month. 🙂 So: thank you SO MUCH for the recommendation!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do intend to get to Les Mis someday. And it’s good to know that the authorial interjection on the Napoleonic wars isn’t too long XD (I will probably learn more about the Parisian sewers than I ever thought I needed to know…but I’m not necessarily opposed to this??)
      I KNOW RIGHT?? I picked someone for the sake of the question, but honestly I think I would just die. Aw, I love authors who seem like genuinely lovely people outside of writing. 🙂 (Your recurring dream though XD)
      The covers are SO BAD. But yes, brave the covers and read it anyway! (You are SO WELCOME. I love it so much, agggghhhh. I’m looking forward to reading your review!!)


  5. I tried reading Les Mis once, I didn’t get very far. XD

    And yikes! Those covers! *scalds my own eyeballs*

    Oooh! I want to visit that kind of library! 😀 I also want to visit the bookstore my online BF works at. ^_^

    The covers of your books sound amazing! And I know your books are going to be epic and absolute favorites that people will want to read over and over again! ❤

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  6. I’m scared to read the first few pages of Just Like That now. What did Gary do?!??

    “Suddenly the first one doesn’t look half bad.” For real though. I’m actually in the midst of The Sherwood Ring right this moment, and the copy I’m reading does have a slightly better cover imo? (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7774430-the-sherwood-ring) (hopefully that link works) It’s still not amazing, though. But it is 1000x better than those atrocities. Especially the third one…like…wHaT?!

    I’ve been to a used bookstore that had one of those ladders-on-wheels! because one wall was just covered in shelves, all the way up like two or three open stories (it was bliss to merely stare). I have no idea if I was supposed to stand on it or not but 10/10 would recommend!!

    If there is a book called Four Princes (Three of Whom Are Dead) with just a picture of A Cat on the cover, I am picking that book up faster than I have ever picked up a book in my life. I’M JUST SAYING.

    My sister and her friend write stories together sometimes, and they always have two POVs and each person writes one and that seems to work fairly well? I fear I would be too eccentric and independent and grumpy to coauthor a book myself, though. Like, super polite at first and not wanting to criticize anything the other person did, but then getting into it and criticizing EVERYTHING because it doesn’t fit with my GRAND SWEEPING VISION HERE CLEAR OFF THIS MASSIVE TABLETOP LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT I’M THINKING HERE—
    Yeah. No. To paraphrase the sorts of literary characters one really shouldn’t be paraphrasing, “Ours is a high and lonely destiny, my boy.”

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    • BE SCARED. Be very scared.
      Ooh, that cover isn’t too bad at all (especially considering the alternatives because HOW are they THIS BAD??).
      Ahhhh, I just want to stare at two or three open stories of books. Even if I can’t set foot on the ladder, just to see all those books– *sigh of longing*
      That’s a fair point XD Now I’m just picturing people looking at the spine, then the cover, then back at the spine like “…what is this.”
      Coauthoring a book with a friend or sibling that went back and forth between POVs would certainly be the most do-able option. It might even work? But I also feel the “MY VISION. It all my fit with MY GRAND SWEEPING VISION” aspect XD

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