The Smashing and Dashing Character Awards 2021

Hello, friends!

I read a great number of books in 2021. From this, we can gather that I met a great number of new characters in 2021. And from THIS we can gather that we need to talk about these characters.

And give them awards. Clearly.

This post was originally created by Cait@Paperfury, and it is an excellent excuse to screech about the characters you met last year.

And so, without further ado, let the awards ceremony commence!

Most Relatable Character

…There’s really no contest for this one. Murderbot from The Murderbot Diaries is unanimously voted the winner. Because how exactly is one supposed to interact with humans? Can we watch them through security cameras instead of through our eyes? And–wait, if you take away my helmet, how am I supposed to cONtrOL mY FaCE exprESSiOns???

Let’s go hide in a closet and watch media.

Most Pure Animal Companion

Cyril from To Say Nothing of the Dog. I’m not a dog person. I’m certainly not a bulldog person. But Cyril is a DEAR.

Fiercest Fighter

We should all just go home. No one can top last year’s winner, Riza Hawkeye

Jessica from Dune. This woman is fierce. She will do whatever it takes to protect her son.

Am I Surprised that I Love You?

Van Hohenheim from Fullmetal Alchemist. How did this happen. How.

Best Sassmaster

Let’s be real: It’s just Murderbot again

Yuzuru from A Silent Voice. She is the best. She is a dear. She is the highlight of the manga. And yes, she is sassy.

Best Anti-Hero

(we’re not going to talk about the fact that I graduated with a degree in English and still don’t have a clear idea of what constitutes an anti-hero)

…Maybe Gabe from The Scorpio Races? He’s a great character. He’s complex. There were moments where I really liked him and I could empathize. But at the end of the day?
No. Just no, son.

Best Friends of All

Daniel, Beatriz, and Joaquin from All the Crooked Saints. They grew up together, care about each other SO MUCH, and I LOVE them.

And they get bonus points for being cousins.

Best Villain TO HATE

Pim from Jepp, Who Defied the Stars. He is TERRIBLE and I HATE him.

Award for Best vs. Worst YA parents

…What parents even exist in YA?
I have a vague recollection of liking Joaquin’s parents in All the Crooked Saints. But do I remember anything about them?

Also Mr. Dunworthy who isn’t actually a parent and isn’t from a YA book, but I DON’T CARE

Celia’s dad from The Night Circus (…which isn’t technically YA, but shhhhh). He’s the worst. A terrible human. What more need I say?

Ship of All Ships is 2021

Ned Henry and Verity Kindle from To Say Nothing of the Dog. I adore these two. They are the sweetest. And the scene in the boat is GOLD.

Most Precious Must Be Protected

ZAZIE from THE PROMISED NEVERLAND. He is a dear, sweet, brutal, sword-wielding, traumatized, five year old and we MUST PROTECT HIM.

Also Pheris from Return of the Thief. My son.

Honestly Surprised You’re Still Alive

Matt Coffin from Just Like That. You could have died…so many times. And I’m very glad that you didn’t–because you’re a DEAR–but…Yes, I’m surprised.

Especially since you’re in the hands of an author who just KILLS CHARACTERS for NO REASON. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT, GARY D. SCHMIDT???? I’m not BITTER or anything

Award for Making the Worst Decisions

Gabe from The Scorpio Races. On a certain level, I get it. But also WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SON??

Most in Need of a Nap

Ned Henry from To Say Nothing of the Dog. This man needs to SLEEP, OKAY? Can’t all the people and the animals and the plot leave him alone for TWENTY MINUTES???

Also Michael Davies from Blackout/All Clear. You’re doing way too much, son.

Want to Read More About You

Jack Dory from The Beatryce Prophecy. I love this child. He is a dear. He hides angst and trauma by laughing and everyone passively loves him but no one takes care of him and he wants to protect Beatryce and he WAS UPSTAGED BY A GOAT.

I’m still upset about this.

Goats are great, but Jack Dory is better. He deserves better. Give me a book about Jack Dory without the goat.

Also Finn from The Scorpio Races. We all need more Finn.


Who did you meet in 2021? What characters would you give these awards to? Who most needs a nap? Are you acquainted with any of these characters? What new characters did you adopt in 2021? Do tell!


13 responses to “The Smashing and Dashing Character Awards 2021”

  1. excUSE ME answelica the goat was the star of the show in the beatryce prophecy and anyone who says otherwise will be headbutted by the aforementioned answelica (jack dory was also very good though)

    the promised never land sounds really good! and now i am very excited to meet zazie

    i also do not know exactly what an anti hero is and i believe i may never know

    great awards ceremony!! i particularly liked the award for making the worst decisions : D

    Liked by 2 people

    • *attempts to dodge headbutting* *fails miserably and ends up sprawled on the ground 50 feet away* I’m SORRY, Answelica. You’re great, but I just love Jack Dory MORE. *gets headbutted again*
      Zazie is an absolute DEAR and you should definitely meet him
      (Will we ever know? Will anyone ever know??)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This entire post is a mood.

    (Is not the reason we have blogs so that we don’t have to interact with humans for real? #we’reallmurderbot)

    Ugh, Celia’s dad is the worst.

    I will read To Say Nothing of the Dog! It is on my list! (…I think)

    PHERIS ❤ ❤ ❤ my son

    Gary D. Schmidt is a menace to society and must be stopped before he kills ANY MORE CHARACTERS. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Who knew the blogosphere was so densely populated with Murderbots? (But it is though)
      He is AWFUL. I had forgotten about him until I was writing this post, and now I’ve rekindled my RAGE at him
      READ IT, SAM. I know you hate time-travel, but CYRIL and NED and VERITY.
      It’s a good thing so many of us have adopted Pheris as our son, considering what a TERRIBLE mother he has. He clearly needs replacements.
      We must kidnap all of Gary D. Schmidt’s characters and hide them away (comfortably with lots of cookies and warm sweaters) so he can’t KILL ANYONE ELSE


  3. XD I love how you (…and your sister…and me last year…) were like “MURDERBOT, NO QUESTION.” He’s seriously SO RELATABLE, though.

    Ooh, you read Dune? Was it good? I can never decide if I want to actually put in the effort to read it. Like it’s a classic of sci fi and supposedly really deep and good but…but is it worth it.
    I don’t know if this is true, but I feel like fictional women named Jessica are always fierce and protective?? The Jessica in The Man from Snowy River is, anyway, and so apparently is the one in Dune, and I guess that just about proves it.

    Did you learn any definitions of antihero in your English classes? Even if you didn’t agree with them? Because yeah, I realized recently I have no idea when characters can accurately be called that or not…

    Ahhhh Daniel, Beatriz, and Joaquin ❤ ❤
    I don’t remember Joaquin’s parents (oops), but I remember that I LOVED Beatriz’s parents. Although not because they were great at parenting or had a good healthy relationship with each other…at all.

    Pheris ❤ ❤ ❤ He is my son too. My son that I am VERY PROUD OF

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    • How is Murderbot so relatable. How.
      I enjoyed Dune. It wasn’t the greatest thing since sliced-bread, but it was pretty good. I did find it a little hard to get through at times–I appreciate all the complex world-building and all, but sometimes I can’t quite grasp all the economic and ecological minutia…
      I know a non-fictional Jessica who is fierce and protective–does this further prove the theory??
      I feel like I must have learned about antiheroes in my English classes, but…did I? Honestly, I feel like they probably just threw the term out there like, “And obviously I don’t need to define that term because I’m SURE you all know what it means, because you are ENGLISH MAJORS” *turns back to the white board with a flourish* (more or less)
      OH, I love Beatriz’s parents too–with all their flaws and complexities and DEARNESS
      Speaking of dearness, PHERIS

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