The Me + Music tag / 2022 edition

Hello, friends!

It has been a busy week, and to be perfectly honest I had no idea what I was going to post about today. The furthest I had gotten was a vague thought that I should do a post about music, as it has been a while since I did a post of that variety.

In a remarkably fortuitous turn of events, I was TAGGED by the lovely S.J. Barnard for a MUSIC centered tag. So that all worked out quite nicely, eh? (You can read S.J.’s post here!)

image of me and music tag header


  1. Link back to the original (Sophie @ Me and Ink) so she can see your answers and listen to the tunes.
  2. For every prompt you choose to do, name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics).
  3. Have fun and play your music LOUD!
  • “Time” by NF …Were you expecting a fluffy romantic song? (Actually, you probably weren’t if you’ve been reading this blog for a while.) This song is about dealing with issues and struggling but not giving up because YOUR MARRIAGE IS WORTH IT. Got a lot of issues, I’m tryin’ to work through ’em / Going to therapy for you’s something that’s worth doin’ / When I know you’ve been there for me through all of my worst moments
  • “The Bones of Us” by Switchfoot I have a soft spot for songs about people fighting for their marriage, okay? Into the unknown / Let’s follow this through / I’m fighting for us / But most of all for you
  • “I’m Taking You With Me” by Relient K Someone needs to use this as a recessional song at their wedding. Right when the chorus hits, the groom just grabs the bride’s hand and they book it up the aisle. I’m taking you with me / Anywhere that I / Could ever wanna be / For the rest of my life / I want you there with me

….I have to dance to ALL the songs, guys. Not just the ones that sound like dance songs–because there are so many styles of dance. Here’s sampling of what I’ve danced to recently.

  • “Everybody Loves Me” by OneRepublic Fun. Boppin’. Swagger dancing. Oh my / Feels just like I don’t try / Look so good I might die / All I know is everybody loves me
  • “Mad World” (cover) by 2WEI, Tommee Profitt, Fleurie Dramatic. Cinematic. Improv interpretive dance. I find it kinda funny / I find it kinda sad / The dreams in which I’m dying / Are the best I’ve ever had
  • “Blood // Water” by Grandson Bitter. Vengeful. Interpretive fight dancing with my younger sister (basically we act like we’re attacking each other…but through dance? It’s great fun.) Beg me for mercy / Admit you are toxic / You poisoned me just for / Another dollar in your pocket
  • “Way Less Sad” by AJR A Jam. Contains a built in slow-mo dance section. Don’t you love it / Don’t you love it / No I ain’t happy yet / But I’m way less sad

Ooh, man. Way too many. *fishing a few randomly out of a hat*

  • Right This Way” from Bandstand Donny’s just like, “If my band can play in New York maybe I can just FORGET about my TRAUMA”
  • “Jonas’ Soliloquy” from Leap of Faith The BUILDUP. And the little “Amen” at the end just gets me every time
  • “Brave Enough for Love” from Jane Eyre Tears. All the tears.
  • “I Can’t Recall” from Tale of Two Cities His voice just SOARS

I actually did a whole post about this–lullabies for small stressed potatoes, if you remember. But I’ll use songs I didn’t talk about in that post. (Also, I’m suddenly realizing this post is going to be miles long if I don’t cut down on my commentary…)

  • “Don’t Wait for Me” by Josh Garrels Please don’t wait for me / I lost my way again
  • “Four” by Sleeping at Last HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PICK A LYRIC SNIPPET, IT’S ALL TOO GOOD. And this blurry photograph is proof / Of what I’m not sure, but it feels like truth
  • “Let that Be Enough” by Switchfoot *listening to a 23 year old Switchfoot song* (Aladdin prologue merchant voice): Ah! Still good. And I feel stuck / Watching history repeating / Yeah, who am I? / Just a kid who knows he’s needy
  • “Your Love is Strong” by Jon Foreman So why should I worry? / Why do I freak out? / God knows what I need / You know what I need
  • “Slow Your Breath Down” by Future of Forestry Slow your breath down, just take it slow / Find your heart now, whoa / You can trust in love again


This album is my childhood.

The opening bars of “Sound the Bugle” were the underscore to all the saddest moments when we played games with stuffed animals.

“You Can’t Take Me” is forever a duet in my mind, because that’s how my older sister and one of my cousins lip synced it.

Songs that make me feel Emotions:

  • “Neptune” by Sleeping at Last I want to love you but I don’t know how
  • “Trauma” by NF Grab my hand, I’m drowning / I feel my heart pounding / Why haven’t you found me yet?
  • “Souvenirs” by Switchfoot This song isn’t sad so much as poignant. (But it’s on the Noah St. Claire playlist, so excuse while I weep) We were so young, we had just begun / A song we knew, but had never sung / It burned like fire inside our lungs
  • “King / Ghost in the Song” by Grabbitz That moment when the whole groove of the song shifts–WHAT a jam. ‘Cause I lost my soul in a frequency / No one can speak to me / I am a noise
  • ‘Til We See the Shore by Seabird One song from this album used to play on the radio when I was a child, so there was nostalgia when I recently re-discovered it. I also realized I liked quite a few of the other songs on the album.
  • Mmhmm by Relient K This was my favorite album when I was 5 or 6. It was the first “grown-up” music I really liked, and I love it still.
  • Vessel by Twenty One Pilots I love TOP and if I had to pick a favorite of their albums, it would be Vessel. So many jams.
  • Also I have to put the Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close soundtrack (Alexandre Desplat) on here–not because it’s my favorite soundtrack album but because it’s my go-to writing music. I basically listened to it on a loop while writing Phoenix, so it has a special place in my heart.
  • Nico and the Niners” by Twenty One Pilots I love all the Trench music videos (the STORY they tell), but this one is my favorite
  • “When I Grow Up” by NF (Just for the part where he climbs out the drive-through window)


That’s it for today! Thanks again to S.J. for the tag!

I’ve been doing lots of tags and such lately, but hopefully next week I won’t be as busy and will finally be able to get around to one of the posts I’ve been wanting to write.

Do you listen to any of these songs? What’s a song that makes you feel Emotions? Did you have a favorite album when you were 6? Do you often improvise interpretive dances to whatever song happens to be playing? Do tell!


8 responses to “The Me + Music tag / 2022 edition”

  1. So, I was intrigued enough by your songs at the beginning of the post about people fighting for their marriages that I’m listening to them as I write this comment. I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done commenting on everything else. 🙂

    …okay, but I basically know none of the other songs, so this is going to be a very short comment. XD

    Yeah, I think I recognized zero songs.

    Buuuuuuut I LOVED “Time”, even though it’s not even a bit in my usual style preferences. Mostly because THAT IS WHAT MARRIAGE IS LIKE from my observations of my parents & others, plus my reading, and I love that someone actually portrayed it accurately, whaaat.

    Same thing with “the bones of us”. LOVE.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, there is SO MUCH music out there. I feel like I listen to a lot, but then I’ll read a post like this where someone talks about the music they listen to and….I know none of it XD
      I’m glad you liked “Time” and “The Bones of Us”! (I do love when the lyrics of a song are so good that I don’t even care that it’s not a musical style I usually like) I feel like I’ve heard a lot of songs that are either “we’re so in love and everything is great” or “we have so many issues, this isn’t going to work, bye” [or even “MUST GET REVENGE ON MY EX”, which…yikes], so I love it when there are songs that acknowledge relationship issues but show people working through them and fighting for what’s important ❤


  2. Ahh, I haven’t listened to Reliant K in a while, I should go back and vibe to that! And I don’t actually know many of these songs/artists… but I do recognise several from TSE playlists xD

    Is Four from the Enneagram album? I’ve seen that shared around a bit!

    A song I like, if we’re recommending, is Kodaline’s Brother! And Will Jay’s Talking to Myself (or Burned Out)

    And as for dancing, I used to be a cringe child who Did Not, but I actually started while listening to Two Steps From Hell’s very excellent epic pieces! so that’s fun and I now have trouble not moving while I listen to music xD As you said. All the songs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like I periodically forget about Reliant K for a little while and then start listening to them again and say, “Ah, my childhood.”
      TSE playlists have introduced me to some wonderful new songs XD
      Yes, it is! I love the whole Enneagram album, although Four is a bit special because I think I am a four? Possibly?
      Oh, I love “Brother”! ‘Tis a good song. (Also, I’ve attached it to characters in both The Promised Neverland and Fullmetal Alchemist, so it is doubly special)
      I haven’t hear the Will Jay songs. I’ll have to check them out 🙂
      Yes, shake free of your cringe child inhibition and DANCE to ALL THE SONGS. (Audiomachine’s album “La Belle Epoque is excellent epic music for dancing)

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