I am a small human obsessed with stories and the telling of stories in nearly all of their various forms. Bring me books. Bring me movies. Bring me fully staged Broadway musicals.

I want to write All the Things, and often find myself working on far too many projects at once.

Aside from being a writer, I am also: player of piano, composer of songs, drawer of pictures, rapper of raps, dancer of tap dance, and baker of muffins.

A few hills I will die on:

  • A good children’s book can be read at any age (and ideally even gets better the older you get)
  • Animation is no less sophisticated than live action–it is a gorgeous and unique art form where you can do things that would never work in live action, and it does not make a movie “just a kids’ movie”, thank you very much (I take animation really seriously, okay??)
  • Bandstand is criminally underrated. It should have at least been nominated for Best Musical, Best Score, Best Leading Actor, Best Leading Actress, Best Lighting Design…

Someday I will publish my self-illustrated picture book about a dead tarantula, and you will all cry.

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