Beautiful People #27

Today I’m linking up with the Beautiful People meme hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. If you are unfamiliar with the Beautiful People meme, it could be summed up with the subtitle “In which we writer folk do our best to answer a list of questions (provided […]

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10 Backstories I Want Very Badly

Some people find origin stories tiresome and backstory a waste of time. “Let’s get to the good part,” they say. “Let’s get to the action!” By the fact that I am referring to such persons as “they” (and also by the title of this post), you have most likely deduced that I am not one […]

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My 10 Favorite Actors

Quite a while ago I did post on some of my favorite actresses, promising to do one on my favorite actors some time in the near future. Near is relative, my friend. Has it been 30 years? No. It has not. That would be distant future. One year? Near future. Therefore, no one has any […]

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4 Actors I Underestimated

Sometimes I watch a movie and I immediately love the actors. Sometimes I watch a movie and…. that doesn’t happen. There are times when I watch a movie I dislike and therefore decide that I don’t like the actors. Whenever I hear about those actors after that I roll my eyes and think, “Oh that […]

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