4 Actors I Underestimated

Sometimes I watch a movie and I immediately love the actors. Sometimes I watch a movie and…. that doesn’t happen. There are times when I watch a movie I dislike and therefore decide that I don’t like the actors. Whenever I hear about those actors after that I roll my eyes and think, “Oh that […]

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A good book is like a sandwich. It is made up of many different components. The combinations of such components are practically limitless, but the important thing is that, whatever the combination, the components work together to make a nutritious, well rounded meal. While

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5 Of the Worst Book to Movie Adapations

Any devout book-loving-movie-watching individual knows that thrill of terrible excitement evoked by the words “THEY’RE MAKING A MOVIE.” Joyous discovery! Such possibilities! Such anticipation to see this well loved story brought to the screen! How could you go wrong with such a wonderful story? Ha. As if anyone ever asked THAT question. The truth is, […]

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