4 Actors I Underestimated

Sometimes I watch a movie and I immediately love the actors. Sometimes I watch a movie and…. that doesn’t happen. There are times when I watch a movie I dislike and therefore decide that I don’t like the actors. Whenever I hear about those actors after that I roll my eyes and think, “Oh that […]

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A good book is like a sandwich. It is made up of many different components. The combinations of such components are practically limitless, but the important thing is that, whatever the combination, the components work together to make a nutritious, well rounded meal. While

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5 Of the Worst Book to Movie Adapations

Any devout book-loving-movie-watching individual knows that thrill of terrible excitement evoked by the words “THEY’RE MAKING A MOVIE.” Joyous discovery! Such possibilities! Such anticipation to see this well loved story brought to the screen! How could you go wrong with such a wonderful story? Ha. As if anyone ever asked THAT question. The truth is, […]

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Children of the Screen Part 1

Kids are cute. Some children are exceptionally cute. Some, not so much (my sister says baby Hiccup in “How to Train Your Dragon 2” looks like an ugly loaf of bread with eyes). Personally I prefer the cute ones, but maybe that’s just me. I think I’ll get really organized and divide this post into […]

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